Yoga for Rock Climbers

Yoga has become a very popular way for climbers to improve in their climbing ability since not only is it fun, but it also let’s you improve  several  key areas of your climbing  including your balance, your flexibility, your focus, and your strength (all of which become increasingly crucial as you move up the difficulty scale in your climbing).

What I found especially surprising, is that it’s actually also a very good workout letting you shed some of those extra pounds that me be holding you back in your climbing.

In fact, yoga trainers like Jeff Kittmer who specialize in yoga for rock climbers can actually design their classes to especially focus on the key muscles and skills used in climbing, to further help climbers boost their effectiveness whether indoor climbing at a gym, or climbing outdoors.


An example of one of the exercises for the core.

After taking some of Jeff’s yoga classes at my local climbing gym, I was blown away by the potential they had to improve the ability of other climbers and decided to approach Jeff about teaming up with to build a series of yoga lessons specifically designed for climbers.

 We ended up creating a program consisting of 4 classes, and I wanted to give one of them to you here as a gift to help you in your climbing. The free lesson focuses on enhancing your flexibility for climbing, while the rest of the lessons cover increasing  your balance, strengthening your core to help you tackle those overhangs, and we also include a lesson on proper yoga technique to help maximize the benefits you receive from all the other lessons.

Enjoy the lesson, and feel free to download it for your TV, iPad, or any other device.

Here is the link to where you can download the video, as well as get more classes:

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