Top 5 Rock Climbing Mistakes | Rock Climb Tips
Top 5 Rock Climbing Mistakes

An introduction to the top 5 mistakes beginner and intermediate climbers make.

An introduction to proper foot placement including the most common foot placement mistake and how to avoid it.

An introduction to proper body positioning, the most common mistake, and how to avoid it. BONUS: Scotty shares a useful technique on how to maximize foot reach to get to those extra high holds.

An introduction to proper route planning and the most common mistakes. Includes intro lessons on proper foot position planning, proper hand position planning, and general route planning.

A true game changer in terms of your climbing performance. Mike goes over proper breathing technique to help you drastically increase your stamina and energy during routes. A critical lesson for any long routes you do, or any routes you're trying to do flawlessly with no falling or break taking.

An intro on how to grip the most commonly used holds, along with how to prevent significant injuries from improper gripping.