FREE LESSONS: Heel Hooks & Directional Loading

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Hello Everyone!

As you probably know, we recently released the latest version of the “PEAK Climbing Method” training program which we’ve had great success with so far.

Today I’d like to give you free access to two of the 18 video lessons from the program so you can see if the program is right for you!

Here’s the table of contents:

  • Lesson #1: Core Technique Mastery
  • Lesson #2: Strategic Resting
  • Lesson #3: Topping Out
  • Lesson #4: Directional Loading
  • Lesson #5: Center of Gravity
  • Lesson #6: Maximizing Reach
  • Lesson #7: Proper Body Positioning
  • Lesson #8: Advanced Route Planning
  • Lesson #9: Edging

  • Lesson #10: Smearing
  • Lesson #11: Overcoming Overhangs
  • Lesson #12: Drop-Knee Technique
  • Lesson #13: Heel Hooks
  • Lesson #14: Dynos
  • Lesson #15: Summary & Further Analysis
  • Lesson #16: Down-climbing
  • Lesson #17: Traversing
  • Lesson #18:  Warming Up
Ok now, enjoy the two free lessons and feel free to leave your comments under this post!

Lesson #4: Directional Loading

Here Scotty Hamill covers how to maximize your climbing endurance by properly positioning yourself so you can hang off your skeleton, instead of engaging your muscles to stick to the wall.

Lesson #13: Heel Hooks

Here Mike Cieplak covers the proper execution of heel hooks. Notice the distance that he is able to cover with a well placed heel hook which makes many of those unreachable holds reachable.

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