Rock Climbing Terms

The climbing video guide below reviews the most common rock climbing terms, especially as they pertain to different types of climbing holds.

You can download the full Rock Climbing Terms Dictionary for free here as well.

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Get the Rock Climbing Terms Dictionary!

I’ve put together a downloadable climbing dictionary for you, with all the rock climbing terminology you need to get started! You can get it by clicking here: Free Rock Climbing Terms Dictionary

It even includes a specific section for beginner and intermediate climbers that covers the most commonly used rock climbing terminology. Now you can quickly learn all the common rock climbing terms to help you in the discussing of climbing strategy with your fellow climbers!

Click the button below to get your free copy.



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Need Help Downloading the Rock Climbing Terms Dictionary?

Option 1: Right Click on this link: Rock Climbing Terms Dictionary, and click “save link as…”. This will open up a window asking you where to save the file on your computer.

Option 2: After clicking on the link, the downloadable PDF of the Climbing Terms Dictionary will open. Move your mouse to the bottom right of the screen and several icons will appear. One of them is a picture of a disc. Click on this disc to download the PDF to your computer/tablet/smartphone.

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  1. Ana
    5 years ago

    I just want to tell you that I am all new to blogging and actllauy savored your web blog. Probably I’m likely to bookmark your blog . You actllauy come with excellent articles. Many thanks for sharing your blog.

  2. Luis
    5 years ago

    Having read this I thought it was extremely informative.

    I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this together.

  3. Rocky
    5 years ago

    Cool video. I’ve been away from the rock climbing game for a couple of years and planning to get back into it – the movie was a great reminder (and is sure to prevent me sounding silly!).

  4. Ezren
    4 years ago

    Thanks… good info for newbies..

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