The Climber Power Meal

Rock Climbing How To - The Climber Power Meal

The Climber Power Meal:

Here’s an amazing meal for climbing that can help you maximize your climbing performance, and give you the nutrients you needs after your climb for maximum muscle gain (protein) and maximum fat loss (low sugar, low carb).

Hope you like it, let me know what you think, and check out the links below the video for some more great nutrition and health tips from Mike Chang (the health and fitness trainer that I personally use) which compliments this recipe very well.


After seeing the above video, check out Mike Chang’s tips video and blog post here which compliments the above meal REALLY well, as his first tip about water is critical for this recipe, and his second tip is excellent for when you’re deciding on which vegetables to use for this meal.

Click here to check it out and you can find the link to his video on these tips at the bottom of his blog post.

Hope you enjoy both videos, and let me know what you think in the comments section below 🙂



Recipe Ingredients:

  1. Your favourite healthy meat
    • Recommended:
      • Turkey Bacon Strips
      • Chicken Bacon Strips
      • Leftover Chicken
  2. Your favourite beans (half a can)
    • Recommended:
      • Black Beans
      • Kidney Beans
      • Lentils
  3. Your favourite vegetables
    • Recommended:
      • Celery
      • Onions
      • Green and/or Red Peppers
  4. Your favourite sauces
    • Recommended:
      • Ketchup or favourite BBQ Sauce
      • Sriracha Sauce
  5. Lots of water to drink with this meal when it’s ready. It will fill you up VERY nicely this way, despite being so few carbs and calories!


1. Tear the meat strips into little pieces and place them on an oiled up pan on medium heat (use something like PAM instead of butter or margarine to lower the fat intake).

2. While the meat is getting crispy, rinse the beans. Also, you may want to put onions on together with the meat at this point if you like the whole “sautéed onions” taste.

3. Once the meat reaches your desired level of crispiness, add the remaining vegetables and beans and give it a stir.

4. Add your favourite sauces to it. I recommend Sriracha sauce and some sort of sweet sauce (Ketchup or BBQ Sauce).

5. Let it cook for a few minutes, stirring throughout the process. Once the vegetables look ready after a few minutes of cooking, the meal is ready to serve!

6. Feel free to add avocado on the side of your plate, and/or feel free to add egg white during step 5 above for that extra bit of protein.

7. Enjoy! and have it with lots of water to keep you full for a long time.

Let me know what you think, and add your own comments and recipes below!



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  1. Jisuk Lee
    5 years ago

    To be honestly, it doesn’t look tasty but it will definitely be worth to follow!!!

  2. chris
    5 years ago

    hey there,

    well yet another reason I am VERY excited to be a member here. I initially got into for the needs I have in the climbing gym but these health and diet videos are an extra added bonus. I’ve cooked this meal – brought to work – had breakfast and the other portion I will eat after I climb. What is great too is this meal fills you up and is super healthy and tastes good & easy to make so its a win win. I will also throw the leftovers into a whole wheat tortilla and slam down after a training session.

    Anyways – please keep adding things like this as they are freaking awesome.

    You guys rock. thank you!


  3. kevin
    3 years ago

    will try it thanks

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