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18 Ways to Climb Like a Pro

T h e  P r e m i u m  T r a i n i n g  I n c l u d e s …
18 Ways to Climb Like a Pro…With The PEAK Climbing Program
(Value: $49)
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  • Climb Like a Pro with 18 Field Tested Video Training Sessions (in HD)
  • Taught by 4 Climbing Experts with Over 30 Years of Combined Climbing Experience
  • Become an Advanced Climber in Weeks Instead of Years with this Proven Step-by-Step System.
  • Gain instant online access to the entire program now and…
  • …Access it anywhere while learning at your own pace.


Sample Videos…

Lesson #4: Directional Loading
Here, expert Scotty Hamill covers how to maximize your climbing endurance by properly positioning yourself so you can hang off your skeleton, instead of engaging your muscles to stick to the wall.
Lesson #13: Heel Hooks
Here, expert Mike Cieplak covers the proper execution of heel hooks. Notice the distance that he is able to cover with a well placed heel hook which makes many of those unreachable holds reachable.

You Also Get…


Rock Climbing Training Book

PEAK Climbing Program Summary & Quick Reference Guide
(Value: $20)
(Downloadable Guide  – Instant Access)

  • 68 Page Visual Summary of the Program
  • Available in the Members Area as a Downloadable PDF
  • Use this as a Quick Reference Guide When You Need That Quick Refresher

climbers techniques checklist

Bonus 2: Climber’s Techniques Checklists
(Value: $14)
(Downloadable Guide  – Instant Access)

  • All the techniques you need for MAXIMUM performance.
  • Climbing tips and strategies organized by category, letting you easily focus on the highest impact techniques for your climbing.
  • Download it to your phone or tablet for that quick review before starting your climbing session.

Climbing training program cd version

Bonus 2: Downloadable Audio Version of the Program
(Value: $20)
(Downloadable MP3 Format – Instant Access)

  • Download the Program in MP3 Format
  • Take it With You to the Gym
  • Review the Lessons Before Starting Your Climb
  • Perfect When You Need that Refresher


Rock Climbing Program Upgrades

Bonus 4: Unlimited Upgrades Forever!
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  • Get the Latest Version of the Program Now + All Future Upgrades Free!
  • No Expiry Date Once You Get This Bonus
  • Upgrades are Added Automatically so You Always Have the NEWEST Version

Rock Climbing Training Bundle 29

1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee: Climber satisfaction is my number 1 priority. I want you to get the most out of this program like the many climbers before you. But if for any reason you find that the program is not right for you, just send me an e-mail within 30 days One Year for a Full Refund. No questions asked. No forms to fill out. Nothing to wrap up and take to the post office. The bonuses? They’re yours to keep. Even if you return the program. They’re my gift to you for trying the program.
T e s t i m o n i a l s (see comments section at bottom of page for more reviews)

Konrad, Kitchener - 5.11 & 5.12 Climber

Matt, Inglot - 5.10+ & 5.11 Climber

“The in-depth video training was awesome and I definitely learned a lot even after climbing for nearly 2 years. It definitely gave me the tools I needed to get past the parts I was struggling with, and I definitely recommend it to any beginner or intermediate level climbers that want to step up their game. I also like how  the videos are broken up into  different difficulty levels, so if I’m stuck at a particular level, I can watch those specific sections.” Mike Sage, Woodstock

“You hear a lot about climbing techniques once you progress to a certain stage of climbing. What seems fundamentally simple can become quite overwhelming. There is a lot of information to digest, mostly in books with images to ‘illustrate’… which really only makes you more confused. When I began to climb harder routes… I would always be contemplating: how should I place my body? What on earth is my centre of gravity? How are climbers shorter than me able to reach holds that I can’t even get to? Why am I getting injured doing certain positions? I would get an answer or two from an article, but nothing that provided a complete picture. The videos at RockClimbTips really take a load off your chest. There are videos for climbers who are just starting out, to climbers who are striving for harder and harder routes. The videos really answered the questions that I had in my mind, and much more. I would not hesitate to recommend the RockClimbTips.com program.”

Anum Syeda, Waterloo

“That was an awesome collection of instructional videos! Loved the demos.”

Jess Cao, Waterloo

“I’ve been climbing on and off for 4 years, but every shoe I’ve tried felt like the torture of foot binding after I climbed even a single route! But with the videos from rockclimbtips.com, I found out that I don’t need to be experiencing that pain, that different types of shoes may be better for me and my technique, that I can get much more out of the shoes and extend my reach if I follow the tips. Not only has rockclimbtips.com helped me improve my technique, but it has also improved my enjoyment of each climb by reducing the pain and helping me prevent future injury.
Kaleigh E, Ohio

  • The Full PEAK Climbing Method Training Program: 18 in-depth, hi-definition video training lessons to take you to the advanced climbing level FAST!
  • The 68 Page Program Summary and Quick Reference Guide
  • A Downloadable Audio Version of the Entire Program
  • The full Climber’s Techniques Checklists Guide with all the techniques you need for MAXIMUM performance.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Upgrades to the entire program, delivered to you instantly through the membership site!
  • The Full 30 Day 1 Year Money Back Guarantee. Try the full program and if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, you’ll get a full and immediate refund. No questions asked, and you get to Keep the Bonuses!

This is a One-Time Payment Which Gives You Unlimited Access to the Membership Site With All the Videos in the Program.



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  1. Markus Bergendahl

    Hi Kornel

    I’m really satisfied with the program so I’ll be glad to write a customer testimonial.

    The PEAK Climbing Method Training Program is truly great. Being a fairly novice climber the program has helped me progress in a pace otherwise hardly possible. After only a couple of weeks I’m able to finish significantly harder routes, without draining unnecessary energy, by focusing on the techniques taught in the program The program will definitely make you an even better climber.

    Markus Bergendahl, Örebro, Sweden

  2. Rob

    A total beginner to climbing but as a rower of 20+ years I learned the hard way that you need to curb the enthusiasm (a bit!) to just go out there and go crazy and invest some time on technique. If you want to do something well, that time has to be spent and it’s actually easier to do it at the beginning than trying to fix it at the end.
    Anyway, no point in reinventing the wheel so may as well steal from the pros. Books don’t work for climbing: you just cannot get the picture…..
    Rock Climb Tips is great. It’s cheap (rounding error expenditure compared with your kit) and the videos are clear and sound bite enough to give you the point without boring you in lectures.
    Would (and have) recommend to anyone.

  3. Tom Gridley

    Hi Kornel, thanks for the email. Everything is fine, I’ve been working through the videos and finding them really helpful. I’ve only been climbing (bouldering) four weeks and these tips have been great, namely the importance of good foot and leg work. My arms have been pumping out and it’s because i was doing it all wrong, I’ve actually completed several problems now with ease which I couldn’t do before at all so I must be doing something right!

    Thanks again much appreciated!


  4. Ryan

    Her Kornel,

    Thanks man! I think you’ve put together a great online programme for rock climbing instruction, and I look forward to new content in the future!



  5. Brian Hardie

    After many years away from the wall, I was looking for a refresher and any tips on how to make a return to climbing. The video tutorials and information helped me to not only rediscover the joys of climbing, they also helped me to really analyze my technique during and after each session. They allowed me to really push myself a little further every time. I would recommend them to anyone starting out, or looking to take their climbing a step further. Brian Hardie

  6. Ben

    Thanks. Got access. Looks good.


  7. Tzupeng

    Hi Konel

    I have checked my account and it work well, thank you so much for the friendly reply, I am so happy to see the videos again, they really helps alot 😀


  8. Joe Capes

    Hi Kornel,

    Just wanted to write back to say thanks for a brilliant website. I’ve found your videos extremely helpful and improved a lot due to their instruction.

    Once again thanks and keep up the excellent work.



  9. Chris T


    Being a newer boulder guy I really like all of the technique pieces to your site. You need to know I freaking love your site man!


  10. Gilles Mondou

    Hi Kornel,

    What to say, there is so much infos in the close to 20 videos !

    Last week, after joining & downloading everything, I’ve watch them all once.
    I also downloaded different videos from other sources, and yours don’t have anything to envy them ! !

    Yours are shorts, precises and cover numerous moves, point & techniques.
    After only one viewing, I already learned much more than the ridiculous/generous asked price.

    There are so many points to write about I’m affraid my comments can’t make you Justice.

    As usual, WarmUp is mandatory ! ! !

    I especially try to apply immediately keeping my arm straight if possible, I already knew about keeping
    my butt close to the wall, but, still always good to be reminded. I also appreciate the : keep your weight
    over your feet as much as possible and always be aware of my centre of Gravity. Rest, was, is, a Great
    Suggestion. Also very good to tell us about favoring, the natural direction of the holds : would never thought
    about that by myself. Maximizing reach with diagonal climbing is a natural but still, Great Infos.
    Edging : definitely important, personnally, I had the privilege of having an experience climber talk to me about
    those sound and very useful advices. Downclimbing was the first suggestion I received and it is of the utmost
    importance. Traversing is another suggestion not to neglect.

    A few other videos : I noticed but I’m not ready touse yet, but at least, I know they exist : Topping out,
    advanced routes, right now I’m not even following a designed route, rather, I use any hold I can.
    OverHangs : really not ready, not even confident I’ll ever be ! Same for Dynos, even though I might
    already have try some similar moves at some point !

    Some other techniques, are advanced yes but I’m really happy to be already aware of their existence,
    there might be occasions to used them : Smearing, Drop knee, Heel hook

    So, all in all, your PEAK Climbing Method Training Program is definitley a thorough and extensive program,
    that NO one should let it pass by, its worth a few times the asked price.

    I recommend it to anyone, and I would dare say that even an experience climber would get a few tips from it.

    THANKs again for your work and diligence, Kind Regards,
    Gilles Mondou

  11. Matteo Bassi

    Hi Kornel,

    I like the lessons a lot! I talked about the website at the climbing gym, I think somebody else will buy them soon

    Ciao and have a nice day

  12. Kelsey Margetic

    Hi Kornel!

    I’m still a true beginner in the process of learning to rock climb. In my search to find videos that teach strategy, flow, and technique, I landed upon a bunch of YouTube videos that were less than helpful. I then stumbled upon a couple of teaser videos for the PEAK Climbing Method and bookmarked them. The next day, I purchased the whole program. Although I am still climbing 5.8s/5.9s after finishing the PEAK Climbing Program, my technique has drastically improved and I am able to climb much more efficiently without taking the wrong breaks at the wrong time. I’m very pleased with the videos because the instructors move at a slow pace and understand that beginners need different angles and basic explanations that aren’t laden with advanced terminology. I navigated my way through the site with much ease, but I appreciated that Kornel still sent a few follow-up emails to ensure that the process was flawless. Very impressed, guys!

    Please continue to post videos – for me, the more (bouldering or top-rope) route-planning and footwork examples I watch, the better! Thanks!

    All the best,

  13. Chris Mcelheny

    You guys did a good job with this, and I would definitely be interested in more content like this.


  14. Pesach Kremen

    Looking forward to learning all that I can. I checked out the local rock climbing gym a few weeks ago and in a few hours I go there for an event and a lesson on how to belay. Your videos are quite helpful and I am reserving books in the local library to help as well. Until recently did not know how involved this sport has become. Though finances are quite limited between all these sources, especially the rock climbing gym help I feel that I can learn this sport though I realize it is a long slow process involving a lot of effort.

  15. Jennifer Ward

    I recently started climbing again after a 15 year hiatus. I hit a plateau at 5.8’s and just couldn’t seem to get up a 5.9. I realized I was climbing using strength and had forgotten basic principles of technique. I subscribed to the PEAK Climbing Method videos, which were a great reminder. After 2 weeks, the 5.9’s are no longer a sticking point and I just did my first 5.10b! Can’t wait for more videos.

  16. K Harris

    Hey! Just wanted to say I really like your website and the care you put into your readers!

  17. Josh

    I love the content of the videos.

  18. Yuan Zhang

    Hi Kornel,

    Thanks for all the emails and video on climbing shoes. I appreciate all the efforts that RockClimbTips.com team has put into marketing, training program (especially after watching the videos) and customer service. Below are my personal opinions on the PEAK Climbing Method Training Program:

    1. Well constructed website with clear page layout
    2. Systematic climbing training program with easy-to-understand visual representation and demonstration
    3. Constantly improved content with an open mind

    Overall, the program is not only worth the price but also leaves an impression on how visual component could play an important role in training and education. Will certainly continue my lessons on-line with RockClimbTips.com.

    Best regards,
    Yuan Zhang

  19. Andrew Foster

    Everything is awesome thank you so much!

  20. Rhandy Cruz

    Hi Kornel:

    Thank you for your site. The videos are very helpful and clearly explain a lot of the core skills and technique that every climber should know about. I feel that beginning and intermediate climbers can really use these as reference to help them progress. I’m really looking forward to any new videos that you guys may have planned.



  21. David Lysy

    Thanks for producing the tip videos that are already on the site, the videos you are now editing, and the videos that you are planning for the future.

    Much appreciated,

  22. Rogelio Alvarado

    Hey great videos!!! I was doing a lot of stuff wrong.

  23. Alexandre Mocan

    Hello Kornel!

    It was very helpful and instructive.

    Thx for your work.

  24. Steven Tebby

    This has to be the most informative site I’ve been on.
    Well explained technique that are very simple to put into practice.
    I saw the results almost instantly.


  25. Ziga

    Hey Kornel,

    that is exactly what I was looking for. I started climbing late at 31 year and been doing it for two years now. I haven’t seen any improvement so I was pretty deppressed but now I can’t wait to star my personal training. I will let u know how I will improve my training.

    Žiga from Slovenia

  26. Holm

    Hello Kornel,

    now I’ve seen some of the videos.
    And have taken some new ideas.
    The explanation is easy and good understanding.


  27. Eric Kangas

    Your videos have been very helpful, thanks for making them!

    Eric Kangas

  28. Graeme Johnston

    I would like to extend a big thank you from all of us here at http://www.hangingrockers.co.uk/ club for taking the time and effort the put together these instructional videos which are some of the best I’ve seen to be honest. Very clearly explained and demonstrated.

    Rock On

  29. Chris Richardson

    Thanks Kornel. Been climbing for three weeks now so your method will pretty much be my entire backround for learning to climb well. so im pretty excited to get going. thanks for your help.


  30. Kelsey

    Hi Kornel!

    I watched a few of the sample videos from the PEAK program and I had to purchase the entire program without a second thought. After so much searching, you are the only online resource with quality instructional videos and for an intimidated beginner, this is very exciting!

    Thank you!


  31. Jamie Jordan

    Hi, yes everything is sound, well worth the money
    Thanks very much

    Jamie Jordan

  32. Carlo Ott

    Hi Kornel

    I started climbing one year ago and have been practicing indoors and outdoors since. I focused first on “save climbing” as well as becoming a reliable belayer. Now its time for me to focus more on improving my climbing technique.

    Your PEAK climbing program is awesome! The video training is great, in depth and easy to follow! I also love the additional bonus material and I am looking forward for new updates. I can truly say that I have already improved (directional loading, center of gravity ..) and there is more to come.

    Great job, absolutely worth the money!

    Carlo, Switzerland

  33. Chris Richardson

    Hey Kornel,

    Just wanted to tell you that I began climbing at the end of march. I have been sporadically using Rock Climb Tips and reading one other book to help me learn to climb. I have gone from a complete beginner to climbing v4. I’m more consistent on v3’s can flash a majority but working beta i can do v4’s. I thought I’d tell you as I know that’s pretty good as a lot of the climbers at my gym climbing the same problems have been climbing for 2-6 years. So good job 😉

    Thanks again.

  34. Geoffrey

    Good content. I am dealing with many of these issues as well.

  35. Joel Sexton

    I’ve learned more in an hour watching your videos than weeks on Youtube. I was able to take the info to my local gym and implement it immediately with noticeable results. Great stuff, man!

  36. Trenton

    Everything is great. Lots of info that will take me a while to implement.

  37. Robert Seyfert

    Hey Kornel!

    Thank you for your mail! Awesome website. I’m good so far. I’ll get back to you if I get stuck in a crux :).

  38. Sharon Nunes

    My friend and I recently started (and by recently I mean like 3 weeks worth of climbing) and already the videos have definitely made me better than him. Also, I’m awesome like that. hahaha just kidding. But seriously, thank you so much for hosting this site, I can’t wait to practice more and be able to utilize all of the techniques featured in your very helpful videos.

  39. Bruno Perez

    hi Kornel. My name is bruno I am Brazilian and I started to climb about 6 months. I want to thank your tips, they are being very useful. I live in a small town, and here there is not a specialist in rock climbing gym, so my friends and I set up a small room with a bolder, is small but it is good to train. thanks for the tips and sorry for my english hahaha. when I come to usa I will visit your gym.

  40. Yury

    The PEAK Training Program is great. Thanks for what you are doing! I think for many climbers your lessons help to improve a lot and avoid some typical technique mistakes.

  41. Jarred Uy

    Thanks man really preciate it! you’re vids really helped!

  42. Thomas

    Everything is great so far and I’m enjoying the content!

    Thanks for a great product.

  43. Vern Martin

    Love it. Would buy more if there were more to buy.

  44. Jonathan Denis

    Thank u very much. Ur video are awsome, a good and easy way to learn basic!!!!

  45. John Shroeder

    Hi Kornel,

    I am finding the site very helpful (I’m a new climber planning to climb Devil’s Tower in late May with my 13-year-old son, so the tips are timely!).

    Great stuff all the way around.

  46. Matt K

    Thanks for those videos, they have helped me tremendously.

  47. Mike Madsen

    Hey Kornel,
    I’m a beginner climber and the closest gym is about an hour from my house, so I’ve been watching a bunch of the videos trying to soak up as much as possible so make my minimal climbing time more useful. Keep up the good work.


  48. Frederick

    I’m glad I became a member – you did fine work.

    I tried a yoga session and some strength-building exercises yesterday. They were great.

  49. Selentina

    Hello! First of all, thanks for the nice course, I like it. I’ve been practicing in boulder gym for four month already, and I have some results in climbing, but I’ve decided to buy this course to improve my technique. In this course I’ve found something interesting for me. For example, video about breathing technique is very useful.

    Thanks for the great video course again.

  50. Matt

    Those videos are great, very helpful tips to a newcomer, as i want to develop these habits early, so i practice doing it the right way, and room for improvement.

  51. Firdaus

    Thank you so much Mr. Kornel for providing a wonderful program and if there are any obstacles that I run into during my process of learning, I will surely get back to you for guidance.

    Since I purchased the program, I found that the tips and techniques contained in the modules does point out all the mistakes that I have been doing often in the gym and once I applied the correct techniques that is taught in the program, it does improve my climbing.

  52. Zava

    Things I like:
    1. You can find everything in one place
    2. Videos covers every stuff that you should know whether you just started or you are mid-skilled climber.
    3. Multi-angle view
    4. Price

    All in all it is going to be very helpful tool.


  53. Noemi Segatto

    Dear Kornel!

    I really like your program. It helps me much in my beginner climber status:)

    Have a nice week!

  54. Ezren Zeffirelli

    Your climbing program is so useful for me that I use it every time I hit the wall. Now I can say I can see my own progress. Footing, breathing, grip all are base on your program and I reduce the learning curve by 100 miles compare if I were to do it on my own.

    Thanks for the program and I enjoy it very much and it makes my climb more enjoyable than ever.


  55. Ruth Tupper

    Hi Kornel

    I have just started climbing and really found the Peak climbing course helpful -basic and not so basic tips given in easy to understand manner. Keep up the good work.

    Many thanks

  56. luca

    Very useful set of videos